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  • portable power bank S16
    portable power bank
  • Rapid charging power bank S12
    Rapid charging power
  • Fast charging power bank Q5
    Fast charging power
  • Quick-charging Power Bank Q1S
    Quick-charging Power
  • Car tire rescue device V8
    Car tire rescue devi
  • Emergency car battery charger V6
    Emergency car batter
  • Best car battery jump starter V2
    Best car battery jum
  • Portable cellphone charger T8
    Portable cellphone c
  • Lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion battery
    Lithium iron phospha
  • Cylindrical lithium-ion battery
    Cylindrical lithium-
  • Polymer lithium-ion battery
    Polymer lithium-ion
  • Cell phone battery
    Cell phone battery
  • External laptop battery charger K9
    External laptop batt
  • Portable laptop charger K3
    Portable laptop char
  • Notebook power bank K2
    Notebook power bank


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Charging treasure manufacturers

KAYO MAXTAR company group is one of the large-scale battery manufactures in China. It was co-established with deep cooperation in technology and management from china and KAYO Battery Company from Japan in 1999. Till now, KAYO company group own 4 manufacturing companies distributed in Shenzhen and Yuanjiang, Hunan, with a total area of more than 10,000 m2 , and total staff of more than 2,000.
     As a technology leader in battery manufacturing, KAYO masters the international advanced li-polymer battery manufacture technology and possesses national advanced fully automated production equipment.......


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